Three Choose Life

As told by John Barros:

Thanks for your prayers. Today was much more bearable. It was still busy but three ladies chose life. One of them was a young lady with a name I had never heard of before. Her name was Ephesians.

Lining up about an hour early

It was pretty cool how the Lord worked in her life. She came with a friend but wouldn’t listen. They went inside but had to put their purses in their car. They went down to do that when Pastor Dan noticed they had locked their keys in the car. He went down to help them and did get their car open. He spoke to them at great length. They still went inside saying they had to.

Half way through the preaching they came out in great distress. They came up and we had a time of prayer. She chose life and went to Choices. Ephesians has decided for adoption and says she is going to Pastor Dave’s church on Sunday.

So Thankful for Karen, Chuck and Mary, Yolie, Beth, and Marcia for giving up parts of their day.

Precious saints serving at OWC.