Three Haunting Words

As told by John Barros:

The three words that haunt me more than anything down here are “you were right”, and I sure have been hearing that a lot more lately.

Jason came here a couple of weeks ago. Of course, he lied, saying the lady he brought was a “friend”. He sat in his truck listening while he waited for his lady to bring out his license. He just smiled and said “come on man, how can they still be open if what you say is true?” He drove away with his one year old in the back, while his lady mocked going inside.

Well, this afternoon he came back because his “wife” has been butchered. She had been deathly sick since her abortion, and he finally had to rush her to the hospital. To their horror, the doctors discovered pieces of her baby, parts of her placenta, a damaged uterus and an infection. They did an emergency D&C and began IVs of antibiotics.

JasonĀ is not the same guy I saw a couple of weeks ago. After talking, I asked him to make it loud enough for everyone in the lobby to hear because they had just brought the patients from their other clinic here. Of course, no one left. The blindness and hardness of hearts is incredible. So many times I have had ladies that have had their abortions botched warn people and not one has left.

There was another young lady here yesterday that said Randall botched her abortion too. I guess OWC doesn’t really care because they make people sign papers saying the risk is on the patient and that they have no insurance.

There was another horrible thing that happened. A guy brought a young lady that you could tell was a little mentally challenged. I could not get the straight story, but I lit into this guy harder than I ever have. She began screaming and sobbing. Warren and I tried to reason with him, but this guy was something else. He was controlling everything about her. I tried to get her to get away from him but she just kept clinging to him.

They wanted to have an ultrasound because they suspected her to be about 20 weeks. I really can’t say anymore about these two, but the Lord must have moved on this guy because he agreed to take her to Choices. Please pray that the Lord will move here with Warren and I, as well as that the precious ladies at Choices would get Bessy to choose life, trust God and that He would protect her.

It was awesome serving with Justin and Becky. Justin is a pastor at St. Paul’s. He had to get to work but left Becky here with Courtney. Bill was also here.

It was a rough day. The preaching seemed to be met with an unseen resistance. People were colder than ever but it was so awesome to see the love a father and mother have for their baby. There is such a contrast between the love on the sidewalk and the hatred behind the doors. There were two other turn aways. Please pray for them and please continue to pray for this place.