Three Lives Were Saved

As told by John Barros: 

Today was such a blessing. The Lord turned three young ladies’ hearts to keep their babies. It was nice to see that James Pendergraft, the guy that owns this place, had been arrested earlier this month. It was pretty disgusting to see that he has been running a “mobile abortion clinic” out of his car. When they pulled him over, they found bloody tools with tissue on them. Just disgusting.

Unfortunately, it looks like he only spent two hours in jail. He was only charged with some drug charges and let go with no bond. I did a little more research into these charges and it looks like they are distribution charges of what appears to be LSD.

The place was packed today but Pendergraft’s crew were not able to get ahold of three babies. The Lord sent dear Tamara down today. She has been gone for a while but the Lord sent her down for one young lady. The Lord brought her out and Tamara poured her heart into Keara. It was something to behold.

Looking back over the pictures, it was like a beautiful waltz. They moved all over the sidewalk and street. Tears began to flow as Jesus worked on a precious heart, ending in this picture of Tamara praying with her. Her face lit up when the prayer ended and she said she is going to Choices next week.

The Lord brought out another lady that just couldn’t do it, and then there was an angry lady. She had been in and out all day. I finally asked what she was going to say to God when He was so kind to send people down to help her. She said “I don’t believe in God”. I told her that the Bible says she does, but she is just trying to suppress the truth. Bradley spoke to her as well. She became very agitated, went out back, and then came back and cancelled. It was beautiful. Please pray for these ladies.

We were also blessed beyond measure to have Don and Shellie come and serve this morning. They came all the way from Boise. Dear Melyna also blessed us this afternoon.