As told by John Barros:

Thursdays can be a jumbled mess down here because there’s a bit of everything going on. Late-term moms are still in labor that was started the day before, checkups on ladies who already had abortions, women coming to pick up birth control, etc.

In the middle of all this God touched the heart of Keybrianna and Marcy. They chose life for their twins. I wish you could have seen the faces that went in compared to the faces in these photos.

God is so good! We were able to spend some time with them and even had a time of prayer. Keybrianna’s mother is as thankful as they are and shared with us that she thought of abortion when she was pregnant with Keybrianna but chose life and can’t imagine what her life would have been like without her daughter. So these young 17- and 18-year-olds have a mother who is going to help, and they are going to First Life for additional help.┬áPlease pray for this young family they have a looong road ahead.

I was blessed to serve with Bradley Spruill and Nathan today. It was Nathan’s first time doing this type of ministry. Chuck and Mary, our snowbirds from West Virginia, were able to spend a little time here as well.