Time to End Abortion

As told by John Barros:

It’s time to end this garbage. If you haven’t done it yet please plug into endabortionnow.com. They have so many resources for you.

Days like today are rough. After small amounts of people due to the hurricane coming, today was a circus. Sixteen babies lost their lives. The people were acting like folks fighting over the last case of water at Wal-Mart last week.

Out of this darkness the Lord did some mighty works. Kathy came storming out the door and straight up the walk to me. I thought I may be in trouble but she stopped short with tears in her eyes and asked “how can you help me?”

We went on and had a wonderful talk. We prayed and then she looked at me and said “I don’t have the means to take care of my baby. I want to give him to a family that can’t have one of their own.” It was beautiful. She went to Choices and saw her 17-week-old baby via ultrasound. They are helping her with all these things.

Late in the afternoon a van with a whole family pulled in. The husband’s parents were in there. Other little kids and then there was Daisy. She walked to the door but when I asked her to please talk to me before going inside she let go of the door handle and came over. We talked about how God had sent her here to speak to me not have an abortion. Her family stayed away and we spoke at length. We had a time of prayer and she chose life. Her family was angry with her choice and there was a big argument going on in Spanish. Karen got back from “making a run for the border” and went over to encourage Daisy. She prayed again with her. Karen came over to give them space and an argument continued. Then it went quiet for a long time. Finally the car started up. Daisy’s face was beaming and all the family waved and yelled Thank Yous as they drove back to Ocala.

There was another young lady that turned away as well but her boyfriend would not allow any communication.
Please pray for these ladies.

Tonight I had my biweekly radio program. It went beautifully and then I attended the 7th anniversary of the American Adversaries radio program dinner at Cafe Positano. Over 40 people were there. The sponsors and advertisers of the show. The folks from Salem Communications, Politicians, etc.

American Adversaries 7th Anniversary Dinner

I cannot even believe the support and encouragement that these people gave me to keep pressing on. It was so awesome. Please pray these relationships grow. Pray the Lord would expand awareness of this bloody holocaust.