Today Was Amazing

As told by John Barros:

 Today was amazing… Only two people came for abortions and one of them chose life. Please pray for Brittany, she went to choices and has set up future appointments.  Pray that the Lord would keep her strong and that her pride wouldn’t keep her from reaching out for help.  

 God truly seems to be clamping off OWC’s money supply.  The abortionists are really getting angry…..Randall told the RBC kids that we are “terrorizing” women that he is trying to help.  There were lots of people that came for other things and we were able to have lots of conversations.  Bradley and Philip were here, as well as Shari who brought her boys down to help.10530765_10204438208943652_2663179701899782327_n  And Tracy, who just had her baby got to thank Shari for the stroller she got her.  Her baby should be able to come home next week.  Jovannah came and brought her little big man down to help.  He is nine months, weighs twenty-seven pounds, and wears eighteen month clothes.  10518634_10204438207703621_2323922779785087059_n Jovannah has come a long way and actually brought a guy here to have us talk him out of bringing his lady here.  We also had the pleasure of having Lutheran Pastor Ed DeWitt down to visit.  He was here to tell us about his home for unwed mothers.  Please continue to pray… I really believe God is answering and this place is shriveling up and dying.10527512_10204438208503641_2151617504440813246_n.