Today Was Powerful

As told by John Barros:

Today was powerful. God is really moving down here in many ways and His absolutely incredible.

As I arrived this morning about 6:30 I was pleasantly surprised to see Matthew and Pastor Justin from St. Paul’s Presbyterian here in Orlando. Pastor H.P. McCracken from Orlando Reformed Presbyterian also came early, and boy was I thankful. Two different workers showed up and wanted prayer. There are now a total of five workers that the Lord is convicting and driving them out of this hell hole. It was such a blessing to have these men pray. They are much more pastoral and see things that I cannot. They are also actively now trying to help the workers out of here. It was so beautiful. These men also jumped right in engaging the folks that came.

When we first arrived we were met with a “sign of pain”. Someone had brought a memorial cross and planted it right in front of where I park. They had written on the cross “It Was A Boy”. It was so sobering and a visual reminder to all as to what is going on here.

When I preached today there was so much going on. I’ve been coming here.for twelve years now. Today is the end of five years being here everyday and tomorrow begins my sixth. Something else extremely important was going on as well. It is my daughter’s birthday and she is celebrating her birthday in labor in a hospital, getting ready to deliver my granddaughter. It was incredibly difficult to know the joy coming to my family as these people line up to kill their children.

It was a tough day for us down here but the Lord was so gracious and turned the hearts of three ladies. The first couple went out back to think during the preaching. They pulled up the drive where the man said thank you to me while I was preaching. The girl rolled her window down to tell Irene and her friends that they had chosen life.

Another lady came out and told Yolie that she could not do this. Then Farrah came out, wanted prayer, took a blessing bag, and left. She wouldn’t accept a ride from Yolie and went to the bus bench. Yolie went down there and sat with Farrah, loving on her till the bus came. As she was getting on the bus she turned and ran back to give Yolie a huge thank you hug. Don’t know if Yolie will ever be the.same.

Had some other visitors today as well. Allura stopped by on the way to one of her Mission Impossible escapades. It was sure good to see her and her friend Ann. Doug stopped by as well. He goes to St. Andrew’s and serves down here all day on Saturdays. So blessed to serve with Philip, Samantha, Deborah, and Bill. These kids could sure be doing a lot more fun things during the end of their summer break than this but they just love to serve the Lord down here. So blessed. Please pray for all this. Just had an update. My granddaughter has entered the world. God is so good.