Total Insanity

As told by John Barros:

Today was total insanity. The place opened with no 24-hour waiting period in place. Then another judge put it back in effect, and another judge stopped it again. By the end of the day I believe 30+ came for abortions.

The people were quite angry that we were here but the Lord turned the hearts of three young ladies that chose life and two other turn-aways.

The Lord spaced folks through here throughout the day. Bill came in the morning and then God blessed by sending Laurey Nelson, who works for the First Life Pregnancy Center. She stopped by to pray for a bit. While she was here she was able to speak with a young lady. Later in the day Sheenan came out, chose life, and is going to visit Laurey at First Life. It was awesome. Please pray for her as well as Guanlen and Jennifer.

I am so thankful for Philip Kinkopf, Tara McPherson, and Fredo Perez. Some guy who brought his wife down here got in Fredo’s face. As unbelievable as it may seem, people get really angry because Fredo comes telling people that he and his wife will take their babies. At the very end the Lord sent Chris Raymond down and we were able to minister with a young lady. She said at 5:00 they had moved back to the 24-hour waiting period again and she.was going to think about it. She let us pray with her.


Way too much happened here to get into, but please continue to pray for the folks coming to this crazy place..