Tough Roads Ahead

As told by John Barros:

After the craziness¬†of the last couple of weeks today was wonderful. Philip Kinkopf and I were able to see God bring four ladies out of here. Three chose life and the fourth I would like to say did but just can’t be sure.

Uritsa was the first one out. She came out trembling. We were able to pray with her and her mother. Gave them the information and they will be going to Choices. Uritsa’s mother was so excited. Then two girls came out. Donna was so confused. They went out back and thought about what they were told. They pulled up and prayed with Philip. As they drove off, the driver gave us the peace sign with a huge smile.

Then Omar and Miriam came out. We spoke at length and prayed. They chose life. They were going to call a cab to get to Choices but I took them. After they were settled in there I said goodbye. He followed me outside, hugged me, and thanked me. They were the first couple I had ever met from Mali. He shared that they were Muslim. I told him it was Jesus who met them there today. Then he asked if he could pray for me. God really moved down here today. Please pray for all these folks; they have tough roads ahead.