Tough Spots

As told by John Barros:

We were so blessed to see three ladies leave here today. All three were prayed with and given information.


One young lady was in and out several times sobbing. She has three children. She spent a lot of time with Tracey Sarnicki. At one point a man showed up and gave her money for the abortion. She went back inside crying. Then about twenty minutes later she came back out with a huge smile. She walked down the street with Tracey, they prayed, and she left. Then about an hour later another man claiming to be her boyfriend came by looking for her. He was very worked up, saying he was afraid she was coming to kill his baby. When told she had chosen life he was relieved and sped away.

Please pray for these ladies. All of them are in tough spots. I am so thankful to serve with Philip Kinkopf, Thomas De Castro, Esteban De Leon, Samantha, and Tracey..