Tough Work, Beautiful Stories

As told by John Barros:

Today was crazy busy. We had over 20 people show up down here and they were very hard. There were so many here that they had to start sending people over to their other mill.

We had six folks leave this place. Four were turnaways and a couple of them prayed and said Thank you but we can’t say they chose life.

Three others did choose life and will be going to Choices. One was a Mother and Daughter that spoke with Karen and came under heavy conviction, had a time of prayer, and left. The same situation came up for Heather. And another couple did with both of them. These folks never even made it inside. Pleased pray for all involved.

Pastor Dan, Matt, Beth, Karen, and Heather were real tough workers down here today. I had the blessed opportunity to accompany dear Helen this afternoon with her precious son Jeriel. They are in a video Thanking Jesus for how He has stepped into their lives. It was so beautiful watching Helen tell her story. I must admit I shed a few tears in there. Jeriel is so Awesome!! He is truly a special young man with a Wonderful Mother. So thankful for Vicky, Kelly, and the staff over there. Such Blessings. Please continue to Pray for this dear family.