A Truly Black Friday

As told by John Barros:

I have no idea what it is about Black Friday that brings out so much evil down here. It was very black indeed again.

The place was packed with people, forcing them to park on the street. The usual Friday crew couldn’t make it, so I was alone most of the day. One guy pulled up in a huge pickup truck, got within inches, and began screaming. This guy is now at the top of the vilest customer list. He was relentless. He was outside screaming threats, mocking God and anything holy every 10 minutes.

This guy was so bad that other people there to have abortions were coming out and sitting on the wall to comfort me and encourage me to hang in there. I know you can’t believe it, but that is true. This place just gets totally insane sometimes.

Edwin texted me from his church wanting to know what they could pray for down here as they went into a prayer meeting. Then dear Bonnie showed up. The guy inside went completely insane, running out and trying to stop the preaching and turning his vileness upon her. I believe it was because she shines the light of Jesus through her eyes.

Then he began calling the girls inside whores and other things. He would stand inside, and while in there jump up and down, making vile gestures and screaming like a lunatic. People were coming outside just to get away from him. I am convinced demons drive or even possess some of these folks.

Edwin and David ended up coming down here to pray after they were done at church.
In the midst of all this darkness, Jesus entered the lives of one young lady, Tonya, and her mother. They chose life and will begin getting help on Monday.