Trust in God, Not Your Circumstances

As told by John Barros:

We were so blessed today to have Jessica come serve with us. Jessica is such a special young lady. She is a student in her final semester at Reformation Bible College. She has served down here many days over the last four years. She has such a sweet spirit and loves Jesus so much. She comes and sings hymns with a beautiful voice. Over the years she has been part of many ladies choosing life and helping them.

Today, after she was done singing, a car pulled in the drive. Jessica met them and they rolled down the window. Jessica began to speak to Ellisandra. As soon as she began to speak, Ellisandra burst into tears. Jess ministered to them and encouraged Ellisandra to trust God and not their circumstances. They ended up doing just that. They took our pamphlets and backed out the driveway. It was truly beautiful … Please pray for Ellisandra.

Jess bringing Hope to a troubled young couple

There was another couple that left as well. He was a wannabe gang banger type complete with a New York Yankees hat, gold, and tats. He was a smart Alec. After the preaching, she came out and went to her car. She chose life for her baby and the guy was not very happy. They fought but she stayed strong. When they finally pulled up he was so angry that he peeled rubber down the street. Please pray that she would stay strong and that he would protect his lady and baby.

Karen, Steve, Yolie, Jessica, and I were also blessed to have Vicky stop by and bring us more materials. It was awesome to have her down here even though she didn’t bring coffee and donuts. We need to retrain her a bit. 🙂

Please continue to pray for us.