Two Saved

I was thinking today. Doesn’t happen enough, but I realized that more people have been killed in this building in the last three days than Hurricane Irma has killed so far.

Today was packed. Still dumbfounded that nothing gets in the way of people wanting to kill their children. Beth, Karen, and I had our hands full. The abortionist lives in West Palm Beach so it took him a while to get here. The people were here at 8:00 and he didn’t get here until about 2:00.

During many times of preaching we were able to talk to so many. One young lady burst out the door crying and yelling “I can’t do this” but her guy calmed her down and brought her back inside.

There was an Indian couple that came. He looked to be in his late 40’s and she was in her early 40’s. He lied at the beginning but finally admitted he wanted to do this because he was too old. He became a personal project and was challenged strongly all day to be a man. She came out once in tears and he kept coming in and out. Finally they came back out and talked. Then they came driving up the side, waved, and said Thank You. That was such a blessing.

Then, late in the day, two ladies came wanting to have an abortion. They stopped and Karen was able to speak to them for a long time. The security guy watches everything on video and he came up to try and break this all up. They kept talking to Karen and went back down to think. A while later they pulled up with huge smiles and waving. They had been convicted of coming here. Every scripture Karen shared with them they agreed with. They tried to call Choices but all the clinics here close at 1:00 on Fridays. They will be going when the storm is over. They were so thankful to have met Karen today.