Unbelievable Paranoia

As told by John Barros:

Some days it is almost impossible to unpack what happened that day. Today was one of those days. Those of you that have been praying for Consuela will be pleased to know she had her baby girl. Skye was premature so she will be in the hospital until she gains a couple more pounds.

Consuela took a break and came down to help for a bit. I am so glad she did. A young high school girl came with her boyfriend to have an abortion. He ended up leaving and she came and sat on the wall. We had a great talk and then a time of prayer. After this, she was still being pressured to go inside by relatives and did.

Then the most amazing thing happened. The security guard threw her out. He told her “if you pray with him, you are with him”. I couldn’t believe it. The paranoia here is unbelievable. We were able to speak and pray more.

Consuela was telling her about her baby, hugging her, and showing pictures of Skye. Keena got her mother on the phone and told her she wanted to keep her baby. Her mother came and got her. Please pray for her because she is being pressured.

Then a young lady named Jillian came down. She was here Saturday, mocking people and telling them she was going to get a puppy to help her get over her abortion because she knew she would feel bad. Well, she came back here by taxi today wanting her money back because she changed her mind and didn’t want to do the series of pills she was supposed to take. Of course, they would not give her money back so she blew up into a fit inside.

Then she came out and called the police. The police could not get her money back so she came over and spoke with Bradley and me. Said she wanted help to keep her baby. She took a flyer and went to Choices. Halfway through her counseling she just up and left. We have no idea what happened to her, so please pray.

There was a Channel Six¬†helicopter that sat directly over the clinic for over an hour. It was so low you couldn’t hear anything. We just held our signs facing up.

There were three others that also left. One was unbelievably thankful. Please pray for all these folks.