Unbelievable Vileness

As told by John Barros:

Being a member of St. Andrew’s and being called to this type of ministry is a life of extremes. To worship God at such a place Sunday morning, enjoy classical music at night, and then wake up to unbelievable vileness really can’t be explained.

The clients were really wound up this morning. I was sad that dear Sarah┬áhad to see and hear this stuff, but she is a trooper. She continued to show love in some pretty tough circumstances. We had two turn aways, but don’t really know why they left.

There was one bright spot. Crista came for her doctor’s appointment next door. She always come to encourage when she does. One time she had the whole waiting room praying while the preaching was going on next door. She is such a blessing.

It’s been pretty rough in the last couple of weeks as so many that have made professions of faith down here have returned to drugs and other lifestyles that are not pleasing to God. Their lives are unravelling. Some have dealt with death. Please pray for all the folks that we minister to down here.