Unimagined Horrors

As told by John Barros:

Today there were only five that came down to OWC. A mother and her 14-year-old daughter chose life. That was joyful but today the horrors of abortion were brought once again to life on a personal scale.

In the last week I have seen the results of three botched abortions on women. Last week a lady came who had an abortion a month ago. She said Randall didn’t get all of the baby out and it had continued to grow inside her womb. She was a mess and she went through the same procedure again.

Monday a young lady named Gerta came by and told me she had an abortion and now has something called an incompetent uterus. She didn’t know it until at 28 weeks she woke up with her baby’s leg coming out of her. She had to watch her baby struggle until she died. She lost another one also.

Then today Chris came back. She had an abortion two weeks ago and was having major problems. We had spent hours talking before she went in for her abortion. When she came back today she said that everything I told her would happen was happening. She sat and talked with me once again as she was waiting to be seen. We went through the Gospel but it still seemed veiled to her (2 Cor 4). She went in and when she came back out she was a total mess. They had to do the whole thing all over again and this time since she drove herself it had to be done without any sedation. She was crying while the abortion was going on and Randall was yelling and cursing at her while he was doing it.

I cannot begin to tell folks what this place is like. Unimagined horrors go on here. Please pray that God would bring these ladies to repentance. I don’t like posting about the negative stuff but seeing the ones God saves is only half the story..