Very Busy

As told by John Barros:

A whole new bunch of late-term moms as well as others came down today. It was very busy. Two left but there were still so many. The RBC kids did a wonderful job in the morning and after they left to go back to school the Lord sent some others.

My Facebook friends TJ and Kelli Wilder were down here from Lexington on vacation and came by. They were quickly pressed into service and ministered like they had been here all their lives. What a wonderful family. I only got to spend an afternoon with them but I hated to see them leave.


There were so many conversations today and there is no doubt many of these conversations will pick back up tomorrow.


Jesus sent a young lady who is 34 weeks pregnant down. She shared that she needed help and wanted to get right with God. We all shared the truth with her and had a time of prayer. She and her husband are going to come with me to Saint Andrew’s on Sunday. Savannah took her to First Life for the tangible needs she has. There was lots of light in a very dark day. God is so kind. Please continue to pray..