Vileness Is No Match for Him

As told by John Barros:

 Today was one of the most disgusting days I have ever lived.  Everyone that came today was as vile as you could get.  We had people that brought their kids with them to kill their sibling while having a well worn Bible on their dash.10599608_10204542464549977_8488620994212040495_n Everyone was spewing out false doctrine and twisting Scripture with a constant barrage of, “all sin is the same” or, “God will or has already forgiven me.”  Then there was this guy- all day long it was a battle with this guy who came with his wife and brought their daughter to have an abortion.  He would call some guy on the phone and get verses to throw around while saying the most vile things I have ever heard. It was so bad that I almost asked Bonnie and Daylan to leave. Then the guy did things to me that I cannot even put on here; he hates me beyond anything I have seen.  It was like he became demon possessed at times.

Then in the afternoon the Lord broke into a young lady’s life.  Nikki chose life and came out in tears.  We prayed with her and Daylan went with her to Choices where she got to see her baby and is so thankful.  Bonnie took her home and was able to explain the Gospel to her. Then one of the most amazing things I have ever seen happened: the daughter of the angry man came out with her ultrasound picture.  She was all of a sudden so happy and was explaining the ultrasound to her boyfriend.  Her mother was burning rubber off her tires coming up the ramp and was very angry, and her dad for the first time was speechless.  They hopped in the car and left.  God is so amazing; chaos and vileness are no match for Him.  

Today marks the end of my fourth year here.  Jesus never changes and He continues to do the most amazing things you could ever imagine.  Bonnie, Daylan, Glenn, Bradley, and I will never forget today. 10458725_10204542465349997_3934129387905525071_n (1).