Vileness On A Monumental Scale

As told by John Barros: 

I don’t know what it is that happens here in the unseen spiritual world, but boy it seems like different forces show up on different days.

Today was one of those¬†nasty days with death threats and vileness on a monumental scale. First thing this morning, a lady named Pat brought her neighbor down here in a wheelchair. The lady in the wheelchair had a daughter inside that was in her second day of labor. They wouldn’t listen and were very angry that Warren and I were there.

Then the others began piling in and no one would listen. Donna brought her grandson Tim down and they tried to reach out to folks. I began to preach and the people went literally crazy. Screaming and yelling.

They called the police and they came down. The officer went in and came back out while I was preaching and said “You know the rules, right?” We took time to thank him for his service in light of the police work we saw on the news last night. He was very appreciative. The police have always been a blessing to us, which just made the people angrier.

One guy brought his wife and kids down but they were unable to have their abortion because she was to far along for the money she had. He began screaming about God sending us down here and all kinds of things we could not understand. Another guy was singing and dancing while Warren was calling out to folks. He was also screaming about how we don’t care about black people and how everything we have was built on the backs of black people.

Then Gerry brought his wife Trudy down. Pat came walking out the back door. She had been back there with the lady in the wheel chair and her daughter. Pat said she was getting some paperwork outside the labor room when the abortionist Randall Whitney walked out in a plastic clear apron with a tray. On that tray was a baby.

He said “she delivered”. Pat came up to us as gray as I have ever seen anyone. She was horrified. She was so repentant for giving her friend a ride down there. I have never seen anyone in this condition. Trudy spent time trying to help her. She heard the Gospel and we had some time of prayer. Today was pretty horrific even for this place’s standards.

Then there was Dominique and Anthony. They chose life several months ago and she is getting close. They had gone to a doctor’s appointment and stopped by to say hello. They got out of the car and began telling anyone that would listen how good God has been to them and how He would do the same for them.

It was awesome to see them and hear their testimony about the goodness of God to them. Please continue to pray for them. They are getting close.

No one chose life today, but like Jonathan and his armor bearer we will climb the mountain tomorrow to the camp of the Philistines and see if perhaps God will give us the victory.