As told by John Barros:

  Got to serve today with my friend Warren today.  He normally serves in Lakeland, but comes here on Thursdays.  Today was pretty busy but God did some wonderful things. There were a couple of people that left, and hopefully will stay away. 10592780_10204676320536293_2324922753425407432_n  Gilbert and Rose came, but God turned their precious hearts.  They were so thankful and it was truly a joy praying with them.  Lately I have seen so many ladies come saying they have to kill their babies because they don’t want to be tied to their baby’s Dad for twenty years; today there were three ladies that told me this.  One lady was named Tracy.  She told us she didn’t want to be with the jerk of a boyfriend she is with; she also said she had no feelings for her baby.  After going through the Word and having a time of prayer she began to weep.  When it comes to dealing with God she wasn’t as tough as she thought.  She really is a sweet young lady.  Please pray for her, she chose life and never went inside. She is going to a Crisis Pregnancy Center.  Her boyfriend wants the baby as well but she doesn’t want him.

Had some great news the young couple from yesterday that went to Choices for counseling.  They reaffirmed that they have chosen to keep their baby and have set more appointments.  Please continue to pray for all these folks and the ministry down here. Thank you. 10653442_10204676319896277_732101462126297349_n.