Weak Vessels

As told by John Barros:

Paul Washer was speaking last night about how God uses the weak to bring about His purposes. He uses the weak because they need to lean on Him and this makes them strong. We are a bunch of weak, broken vessels down here and we get to watch Him do the most amazing things. We never talk people into keeping their babies but see Him turn hearts through His Word.


Today three ladies chose life and there was one turn away. The first one,¬†Kaisha, came out early and wouldn’t let me pray with her but wanted prayers. She said in her culture people will pray a curse on people¬†while praying with them. I have never heard that one before.

Then a couple, Daemon and Jennifer, pulled in. We had quite a while to speak to them and then they parked and spoke with us for over an hour. After what seemed like an eternity they pulled up with double thumbs-up and massive smiles only Jesus can put on a face. They had tears of joy thanking us over and over.

Then Ashley came and she was as cold as the concrete with an argumentative spirit. As the day went on she kept coming out with more questions. The Lord opened her eyes. Bradley and Chantelle, who began ministering for the first time today, showed her love and when she told us she chose life Chantelle took her a Blessing Bag right up to the porch wrapped in a plastic bag.

The prayer group from Resound came by and prayed in the rain. After a crazy week we were able to see the sweetness of God here today. If you are weak, go watch Him work.