Weird Few Days

As told by John Barros:

Things down here have been very weird the last few days. There were only three who came today. There was a late-term mom walking around out back, laughing and carrying on as she was trying to hasten her labor.

An elderly lady came walking up while I was preaching, bowed on her knees and began throwing holy water on the door. The abortionist Randall Whitney pulled in during this and became quite agitated, hollering out his window for her to get off the property.


We had another weird thing today: a lady who chose life here in February whom Bradley gave a ride to the CPC, brought a mom with two young girls down here. The girl who was being brought stood up to her mother and left to go to Choices. A lady came down yesterday for an abortion with a massive decal on the back of her car: a “family” motorcycle group. That poor little baby will never get to be part of that group.


Then of course the boxes of babies keep coming out to the trucks on Thursdays. I am so thankful to serve with Bradley Spruill, Warren Marquardt, and Phillip Kinkopf. Keep praying, folks..