What a Crew

As told by John Barros:

A week ago I had the honor of speaking in the morning and evening at Faith Baptist Church in Orlando. Today a mother, Kathleen, and her daughter Ashley Myers came down to serve. Along with Heather Grant and her baby Olivia, Daylan Petterson, Anna, and Bradley Spruill, we got to see God move in a mighty way.


He turned the hearts of four young ladies and a couple of men. It went from one young lady who¬†chose life with her boyfriend throwing things, screaming and yelling, and accusing her of driving him to commit suicide, to a precious young girl coming out with “that smile” that only comes when one submits to God.

Two other couples softly chose life as well. Believe me, it was all there today: grandmothers bringing their daughters to kill their grandchildren while being worried about her lapdog, to a guy claiming to be an ex-Army Ranger with his dog tags hanging out telling us to get a life. Cowards come in all shapes and sizes.


Everyone worked so hard here in this Florida sun. What a crew today.

If anyone knows a group that ministers in St. Paul, Minnesota please let me know; Ashley lives there and wants to continue in this ministry..