What a day.

As reported by John Barros:


Today was one of those days you wish you did not see.  Ministered with Sarah and Bryan today on late term day… There was one lady that left, and her man said they were going to a Crisis Pregnancy Center.  But sadly the 22 week couple from Monday came back and would not listen. It’s always much more difficult to watch people go in that you spend time and pray with.  To see them looking out the windows as you Preach… The stuff nightmares are made of.


The young lady with her Father and Grandfather.

There was also a Grandfather and Father that brought their late term  daughter down.   The father had no I.D. so he sat outside pacing like a caged animal cursing  and screaming all day long.  I believe they are sending all the ladies home after beginning the  abortions now… I think the videos of the girls marching out back have stopped that.  This    young lady told her Dad they started it and she would have to come back tomorrow.  Labor    began hitting her hard outside while waiting for their cab… She buckled in pain and had to be   helped to the cab by her Father and Grandfather.   I can’t imagine what all these people are going through tonight.  Please continue to pray.