When God Opens Eyes

As told by John Barros:

Well today The Lord sent several folks down to serve. So thankful to have a special treat. Not only was Pastor David here but Pastor Todd from Holy Trinity Anglican Church in Johnson City, Tennessee came down to join us. What a Dear Brother and Blessing he is. He spent a lot of time working with Lucas as well.

There were some crazy hard-hearted folks here. There was a guy that brought his daughter down here and said something I have never heard but imagine many are thinking. He said “Oh we are doing this. There is not going to be a ni@@ar in my family. His Dad is Black. Not happening.” I don’t know why I have never thought of it before but that baby was dying because of his skin color. There was a lot of that kind of thing today. I asked one young lady if she was leaving but she said “Oh no, I have one more sin to commit first.”

In the midst of all the craziness God drove a couple of ladies out of here. One couple came and we’re quite mouthy. The guy said “There is nothing you can say to change her mind” with a wicked smile. When I hear that I get pretty happy really because you wouldn’t believe how many people have said that and then God opens their eyes.

Well the same thing happened today. After the preaching, they came out. She had tears pouring down her face and he looked like a deer in the headlights. She couldn’t get out of there fast enough so she didn’t get to speak with Karen, Mary, or Yolie. Please pray for her.

There was another lady that the Lord delivered from here. She was quite well off and drove an Audi sports car. She became very convicted. She came out late in the day and was in turmoil. Yolie was sitting on the wall when “Mary” turned on her. She was accusing us of judging, etc., etc. Yolie handled it well never smirked back but was very loving. I remember Yolie telling Mary as she went back inside that we were here for her. Yolie left and Mary came back out with tears pouring down her face and said she wasn’t going to do it. Please pray for her. I believe she is in a very tough spot.