When Jesus Meets You

As told by John Barros:

Well they are back to using this “popup” again. It was super busy again with over 20 coming. The Lord shined a light on four ladies though.

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We had a guy become a Man and lead his lady out of here. There was a precious young lady, India, that came out during the preaching and chose life. We had a time of prayer and she will be going to Choices.

Then there was a precious young Brazilian girl. Her name was Fabianna. She had gone inside but after about 15 minutes she came out. Yolie offered her the materials and then she came over and sat on the wall. She chose life and we had a time of prayer. During our talk she said she was far from God and wanted to come to Him. We went through the Gospel. She is going to be going to First Baptist because they have a Brazilian Church there. She is also going to be getting with Carmem at First Life because she is Brazilian and will be a wonderful friend.

There is just something wonderful about this young lady. She came here at 16 and has been making it. She is getting married in two months. Please pray for this precious young lady. She is pretty special. We all want to be friends with her. She is so thankful Jesus met her here.

And I am so thankful for Marcia, Karen, and Yolie.