Wish I Had Better News

As told by John Barros

I wish I had a lot better news from down here but there just seems to be an added hardness these days.

As I was listening to Renewing Your Mind this morning on the wall and R.C. Sproul was speaking about a Christian’s response to terrorism, police came flying in with guns drawn. They went inside the back doors. Apparently there was a glitch in their security, but it sure gave added emphasis to RC’s message. He spoke of how abortion is terrorism.

The people seem to have an added hardness down here since the massacre [the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando]. Ladies screaming and yelling. One said it was “My right to kill my baby if I want to. This is my second time!” Another stopped at the door and came out yelling about choice. Then we had a roller derby star from the Lexicutioners in North Carolina.

The worst one of all though was a couple who came. She is the daughter of a pastor. She is engaged to be married. She had a fling with the guy who brought her down here so of course she had to kill this baby before marrying her fiance. He had John 3:16 tattooed on his arm and was telling us how he was a Christian and knows God has already forgiven them. When confronted with what God’s word says and how he is most likely not a Christian, he became very angry. I’m telling you I could go on and on about the bunch down here today, but won’t.

There was one ray of light, though. There were a couple of turn-aways. In the afternoon a guy and his sister came down. They were looking for his girlfriend. He was trying to stop her. They pulled out back and went inside, then they left. A little while later they drove back by and let us know she was one of the ones who left.

Please pray that God would break through the darkness down here. I was so blessed to serve with Bill, Marcia, and Julie today. These are some hardworking brothers and sisters.