Wrestling with God

As told by John Barros:

Today was fairly busy but a bit unusual. We had two turnaways and don’t know why they left. Then there was “Sherry” and “Julie”. They came last Sunday. Deanna and I were able to speak with them at length. They were very mouthy. Told me to do things that are physically impossible. Sherrie is about six months pregnant and was the driver for Julie. The abortion mill sent everyone home because they aren’t going to be open on Sundays anymore.

Well they returned today. Pretty mouthy again. Julie was dead set on killing her baby. After the preaching she came out. Sherrie wasn’t there and I was able to go in depth what God would do for those that would trust Him. Went into the fact that it wasn’t by chance that she was outside talking to me.
Sherrie came out yelling for me to shut up because “There is nothing on earth that will change her mind.”

Monday on the bricks as God begins heart surgery

Sherrie came back out and sat on the bricks. She told me she doesn’t love or have feelings for her baby. We went into how God would give her those and that I’ve seen this many times.

Then Sherrie broke out sobbing. She literally became undone wrestling with herself and her God. Finally she got up and chose life. As they were leaving, I told her to thank God because “there is nothing on earth that can change their minds, but the One that does change minds met her on the porch.”

Please pray for these ladies. Pray she stays strong and gets ahold of me.

Helen bearing gifts

So blessed to have folks filter in and out to serve throughout the day. Matthew, Lucas, Karen, Chuck and Mary. Also was blessed to have a lady named Helen drop by with some Danish Pastries. She just wanted to say thank you for being here throughout the years. She has driven by so many times but felt led to stop today.