You Just Never Know

As told by John Barros:

You just never know what the Lord is going to bring your way or do. This lady stopped by today to object to what I was doing. Her first question was “What right do you have to stand here doing this?” I won’t bore you with all the conversation, but I believe God began a wonderful work. She went from anger to tears after God used His word to soften her.

She began crying and told me she was a nurse at an abortion clinic in Greensboro, North Carolina some years ago. She began being convicted of her sin. We spent more time in God’s Word, then she asked me to pray for her. It was unbelievable, really.

She went on to her appointment and then came back and sat on the wall with some of the RBC kids who had arrived. God is so amazing. She went from being so hard to helping in a couple of hours. Please pray for her. She has so much to unpack before the Lord..