You Just Never Know

As told by John Barros:

Sometimes you just never know… I spoke with a precious lady from a local crisis pregnancy center tonight. A young lady came to OWC and told us she was here for a pregnancy test. We spoke with her and she went to the CPC. It turns out she was in fact abortion-minded and has chosen life. And another young lady who was a turn away yesterday went there too and has chosen life! I am so thankful for godly women who point ladies to Jesus.

I was also extremely blessed to meet a dear Facebook friend and her family. Ash is such a blessing. She has been such an encouragement over the years and now Ash and a team of other ladies get items together for blessing bags for the ladies who choose life. She came down from Tallahassee on a work trip with her husband and brought new supplies.

I am so thankful for friends who come by when they come to Orlando. Please continue to pray..