As told by John Barros:

I am sure not looking for any sympathy, but the only word that can describe today is “YUCK”. I came home, took an extra long shower, and feel like I need another one. It just won’t come off.

I was so happy when Patte Smith said she was going to join me today. I thought we would have a great time ministering together. but soon we were in the thick of it. There were so many battles going on.

First a lady named Lindsey showed up. Beth Goble and I were able to spend a lot of time with her, including some prayer time. She told us she was working with one of the crisis pregnancy centers here. It looked like she was going to leave when she said she just wanted to see what it was like inside. She wouldn’t listen to us and went in. We called the director of the CPC and tried to get Lindsey to come out and speak with them. She woukdnt and went through with the abortion.

We began preaching and you could literally see the effects of a war going on. I mean, people really began going crazy. One guy came charging out at me, screaming in my face that I was scaring the @#$% out of everyone inside. I told him it wasn’t me; it was God applying His word to their hearts. These folks were really falling under heavy conviction.

One man, C.J., became overcome with the fear of God. He began pacing, trembling, crying, and saying he didn’t want to go to hell. We kept working with him. He went in to try to get her out. He did on several occasions. He tried to get their money back and of course they wouldn’t do that, so he called the police to come help him. Of course there was nothing they could do because she still wanted the abortion. Then he was forced to sit out back in his car because they wouldn’t let him back in.


Then there was a law enforcement guy who brought his lady. He told Patte a bunch of garbage as to why it was okay for him to do it. At the end a lady came out with her friends and made me want to believe she didn’t do it but I think she was just mocking us.


There were other stories as well, but it was just a nasty day. I have never seen so many come under such strong conviction and not one choose life. C.J. tried, and I would ask that you all pray for him. He went way farther than most ever will. Pray also that the fear God placed in their hearts would not go away but rather would bring them to repentance..